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Aluminium Foil Container Production Machine

Auto Aluminium Foil Food Container Production Machine


We manufacutre the foil container,foil tray,kitchen foil roll by our own assembled machines,this is being upgraded by our experiences,with the years production of the foil products,we now export our machines to our oversea buyers by their request.our machines are competitive in price,steady in performing,easy for maintaining.


 Features & Usages:

- It is a computerized feeding machine is used for punching and pressing aluminum foil containers complete with auto feeding and complete operation. Manual setting of the feeding length between 20-9999mm by yourself. The features are feeding accuracy, coating even, saving material, high accuracy, neat appearance, small size, easy to install, operate, maintain, little noise, as a result, it is the ideal equipment for airline containers & hardware products and so on.

Technical Parameter & Brief Specification:

- Max diameter of the material    - 500mm
- Max width of the material          - 100-500mm
- Feeding velocity ¡¡ ¡¡             - 0-35m/min
- Feeding length                         - 20-9999mm
- Feeding accuracy                     - 0.3mm
- Voltage                                     - 380v/ 220v
- Power                                       - 1.1kw
- Production Capacity                 - 50-80 pieces per minute
- Production Hours Permissible   - Max. 20 Hours / Daily

Available in 3 Sections:

- Aluminium Foil Unwinding Station and Feeding Foil System
- Press, Punch and Production Machine
- Receiving stainless steel table

Options: 1 Unit Standard Air Compressor Unit


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